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How much of Hymns Old and New has been done?

"What the hell is this?" I hear you shout. This is here for my benefit, not yours. I am currently transcribing Hymns old and New into braille. There are 571 hymns, and at my current rate of working, it will take me 3-4 years to complete. I began about April 2001. When I feel a bit angry at life, and disorganized shrubberies, I like to look at the fantastic pie chart which shows me how much (about) that I have done.

51.103327496% for you freaky maths people

More information for you dirty sods playing at home

I want to see more of the pretty graphs. As you have decided to look at them I have decided to tell you what they mean. Each dot on the graphs signify a hymn. The scale on the y axis is of vague relevance, I did not want numbers to resemble those on my spread sheet, so I can pick up the errors. On hilarious scatter graph the first, +ve numbers are filed at S. George's, and, -ve numbers have been finished, but, not filed. On the jolly second scatter chart are those numbers which have been done but not proof read and underneath those that have not been started. If you viewed this page and it had began on it, I have decided to abandon that concept as I don't know anyone else who can transcribe. I allowed for this when I built my other spread sheet. Began copies would be those numbers which have been assigned to people. As there is just me, and, the others in my head, who see all the shit I do anyway, there is no need to inform myself which numbers I have put in my assignments pile. Cleaver huh.
The number in the key should be added to the number of the x axis to gain the hymn's number. Unless the number at the side it 25, which, should be 0. That would have not shown me any data.
Oh, before you all whine, I did not include the numbers above 571 on my fantastic pie chart or on the scatters to save confusion. 571 is the highest number. Also, I did not give the same value for those drafted, finished and filed. I gave them values of 0.8, 0.9 and 1.0 respectively. To braille them is 0.7 more effort than to file or scan for obvious mistakes, I measured it with my effortometer via a random sample of numbers. If I were to measure the amount of effort again, I most definitely would have cleaned my stop-watch, and, would also have remained sober for the duration of the experiment.
The pie chart has the accuracy of my computers ability to colour in, I don't know what that is, and, if any of you smart arses out there have any ideas on how to get it you can write it on a rainbow, tie it round a Druid and send it to Atlantis. The accuracy of the scatter graphs on the other hand, is "Syn ERROR", which I think is very good, because I was expecting -inf, on account of my calculator likes that number a lot.
I have lots of graphs beside these. I have some that tell me which folders are fuller, how my percentage has been increasing, and what it is likely to be in the future. Due to the fact I can't be bothered. I am not going to put these up.

I am a scatter graph.
I am a scatter graph.

Pie chart last updated 21/01/03.